Company Overview

Dealer Inspire is an automotive website platform provider located in Naperville, Illinois. We pride ourselves in having a fun, unconventional working environment and a great culture. While our team works extremely hard, we try to keep it a fun and creative work environment. At Dealer Inspire, we like to look at current problems and 'rethink' about solutions. We're flexible - we don't write requirements in stone, and things can change regularly. This means rethinking how the solutions work best. 

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Job Summary

We are looking for developers to join our FUEL team. FUEL is an application that creates engaging dynamic text ads for every vehicle in our customer’s inventory.  By using unique vehicle attributes from inventory feeds, ads are automatically generated with specific vehicle data and pushed out to various advertising platforms. FUEL is migrating away from a MVC Kohana app to a Laravel API and React front-end; from legacy to brand-new code, this project has it all.

About You

You should be able to implement bigger features end-to-end, without much guidance. You should be able to contribute to the design of features (both architecturally and from a user-experience/functionality point of view). For a given problem, you should be able to think of a few different approaches, and have a good understanding of the tradeoffs. Writing tests, refactoring, and using patterns and good engineering principles should be second nature. Knowledge of advanced topics are not expected to be incredibly deep but you should understand ********************. You should understand topics slightly outside of development, like basic networking. The attributes we're looking for here are a passion for continuous learning, and a focus on delivering high-quality, working software.

Qualifications and Skills


Nice to Have


$90,000+ per year based upon skill and previous experience. Motivated and talented individuals may advance quickly in our fast growing company.