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Job Description

Dealer Inspire is looking for an experienced front-end developer to join our Online Shopper team. We're always innovating - we're looking for people that can own projects and see them through to delivery - while we want rock stars, we're not interested in prima donnas. Personal responsibility with respect to quality, attention to detail, and contribution of ideas is highly needed to succeed.

Having a new car is awesome -- buying a new car is agonizing. We're building software that makes buying a car from your friendly local dealership faster, less stressful, and more transparent. It's not nebulous "social" software, it's concrete collaborative software that makes a dollars-and-cents difference in most people's 1st or 2nd largest purchase decision.

The team is small and little-a agile. (We try to find the magical balance of “just enough” process to help the team be productive). All of our processes are "remote first" -- we start the day with a video stand-up, then collaborate the rest of the time over Slack, bugs, and pull requests.

We are standing on the shoulders of Open Source giants, from our web servers and languages to our IDEs and build tools. So we give back -- the Online Shopper team has started or contributed to about a dozen Open Source projects, including Every architectural decision strikes a conscious balance between building "secret sauce" where we must, and supporting our community and profession everywhere we can. We think we've created something special here, and if you'd like to be a part of it, we want to hear from you.

Skills & Requirements

We're flexible with learning on the job, with corresponding relevant work experience - but, for this position to be successful we need you to know the following, with a strong self-initiative to learn from others!

Essential Responsibilities (including but not limited to):


Highly Desired:

About Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire is an automotive website platform provider located in Naperville, Illinois. We pride ourselves in having a fun, unconventional working environment and a great culture. While our team works extremely hard, we try to keep it a fun and creative work environment. At Dealer Inspire, we like to look at current problems and 'rethink' about solutions. We're flexible - we don't write requirements in stone, and things can change regularly. This means rethinking how the solutions work best. Do you want to come 'rethink' with us?


$70,000 - $110,000 per year based upon skill and previous experience. Motivated and talented individuals may advance quickly in our fast growing company.