NAVIS is looking for a creative, motivated, full stack Senior Software Developer to join us as a critical member of our Engineering Team. This position can be based remotely in Portland, OR, or it can be based in our offices in Bend, OR - either scenario works for us.

A little about our environment: we operate in a hybrid environment.  Our new developers get their choice of a Mac or a Windows machine upon hire.

This senior Software Developer will design, develop, optimize, and test on-premise, AWS hosted applications and microservices in an Agile setting based on both Open Source and .NET technologies.  As part of the Engineering Team, you will collaborate closely with Software Development teams and Product Team members to design exceptional software / product solutions to meet clients' needs.   

The primary focus of this position is coding creative, operational software that enhances our products.  The Engineering Team has multiple projects that often start at the concept stage and develops new products and/or product features from scratch.  Our products are constantly evolving with our client needs – we are not simply maintaining existing products.

This is a full SDLC development position.  The senior Software Developer must be willing to take on all aspects of the development process, and be ready to support applications in production environments. He/she will be asked to test code sets, document software, and implement products and related solutions.  Expert knowledge of design patterns and software development best practices must be shown at all times.  

The senior Software Developer will be tasked with analyzing, identifying, and solving highly-complex issues related to software development and related technologies.  As needed, this person may be involved in the mentoring of more junior-level developers on the technical aspects of our products, technology, and related software tools.  This developer needs to have a willingness to do whatever it takes to make the products and the company successful.



This position can be based virtually / remotely from Portland, Oregon.  Or, it can be based in our Bend, Oregon offices.  If you'd like to move to Bend, we can assist you with relocation expenses.


In addition to the above requirements, the following technical experience is considered advantageous, but is not required:

NAVIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).